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Verispellis is a high-tech, active ski and snowboard platform that allows the user to “tune” ski performance based on weather and snow conditions and performance objectives. We believe we are creating one of the first major technology innovations since parabolic skis and deeper side-cuts in the 90s. With three patents, a fourth patent underway,  and a 4th generation prototype, we anticipate targeting commercial introduction for the 2022/2023 ski season.


These are the most versatile skis or snowboards that any winter sports enthusiast will ever be offered.


The innovative Verispellis technology was optimized via advanced finite element modeling and simulation in addition to rigorous benchtop and on-snow testing, enabling the team to design their skis for just the right torsional stiffness modulation to induce significant change in the stiffness and vibration profile of the skis. Additionally, the team has implemented a novel rocker modulation capability into their skis that allows the skier to change the rocker profile by 4 inches. In other words, the same pair of skis can be 164 cm or 174 cm, depending on the conditions of the day. Taken togther, these innovations enable the skier to dial in a longer and stiffer pair of skis for bombing down the groomers and a softer and shorter pair for enjoying powder and soft snow, all with a flick of a finger on their mobile phone with the same pair of skis. 


The shape memory alloys used in the skis are highly responsive to temperature changes, where subtle increase in the temperature results in a significant increase in the material properties of the material. The team at Versipellis has harnessed this technology, the same used in cardiac catheters, to modulate the torsional and rocker properties of their skis. A versatile app enables the skier to control their skis in addition to providing s host of other information, notably, skier performance, through onboard sensors, that are matched to the trail and the weather conditions. The sensor technology can also be sold separately to be added to any other pair of skis or snowboard.  This aggregated treasure trove of data offers a significant analytics and monetization opportunity for a variety of use cases in the snow sports industry. The skis are equipped with a small battery pack in front of the bindings to facilitate heating of the shape memory alloy and bluetooth connection with the skier's mobile device.  The rechargeable batteries are designed for a full day of use. The location of the battery pack is optimized on top of a natural frequency vibration node of the skis for less chatter and smoother skiing experience.  This is further augmented by the presence of the shape memory alloy at its baseline, as an excellent damping material that reduces undesirable chatter.

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Ara  is a Biomedical Scientist in the Greater Boston area. His training is in mechanical and biomedical engineering. Ken, known as KROD, is an Orthopedic surgeon and engineer who specializes in trauma at the same institution in Boston. Both passionate skiers, they came up with the idea to utilize Nitinol to create a pair of “shape-shifting” skis or snowboard. Their final design keeps the same shape of the ski but changes the material properties, stiffness rocker and vibration profile of the skis. 

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